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Optimizing blog posts to make them as fun and helpful as the app


How to Stop Your Dog's Excessive Barking?
Barking is a dog's natural way of communication. It can mean many things - from joy through a warning to aggression. It all depends on the context of the situation. However, excessive barking can be a problem, especially for people living in apartment buildings…


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Dog get zoomies. How to deal with it?
Have you ever seen your pet getting zoomies? Running around like mad, biting you, and it was almost impossible to stop them? ... It is very easy to recognize, because the dog's behavior during the zoomies is different from the norm. During such incidents, the dog seems uncontrollable...


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A Dog in Mourning - Is It Possible?
Mourning in the human world is a well-known concept. It involves the loss of a loved one or pet, longing, and sadness. Humans are a social species. We form relationships with one another and become attached to one another. So it's not unusual that we experience loss very emotionally.


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Transforming didactic texts into friendly and engaging articles


How to teach you dog to stop biting?
Your first task is to discover the reason behind it. Many aspects can influence biting behavior. Therefore, the only right solution to the problem is to investigate it thoroughly. How to teach your dog to stop biting?

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Potty Pads. Getting used to them and transitioning to the toilet outside
Dogo trainers do not recommend potty pads to teach your dog toilet manners if your end goal is to have the dog do their business outside. This is because your dog will form a substrate preference and find it harder to relax on the grass or asphalt...

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Submissive urination
Submissive urination occurs more commonly in young puppies, who have lower self-esteem or have been repeatedly corrected by other dogs or humans. The dog pees in submission, usually when somebody approaches or reaches toward the dog. The dog assumes a submissive posture, e.g., hanging or turning away the head, tucking the tail, rolling on the back or side, sitting and urinating.

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Writing new copy for the trainer’s feedback

Problem: Users don't use the option to submit videos of their dogs performing tricks and exercises.

Solution: Use phrases that make people feel good, even if their dog's performance doesn't get a five-star review, and add a customized call to action, ensuring data privacy.

Result: An immediate increase in conversation rate among iOS users (based on A/B tests conducted in the first two weeks after implementing my copy).

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bla bla Pasta della Casa

Newsletter subscription copy and CTA

One of my favorite assignments was writing the copy for the website of Pasta Della Casa, an Israeli boutique fresh pasta manufacturer.

AI based translator can't always translate from Hebrew in an accurate way, but here's the English version of the text that invites users to sign up for the company's newsletter:

Gluten-rich and spam-free

The Pasta Della Casa newsletter may contain benefits and discounts, new product updates, photographed recipes, cooking tips, and pop-up events in our stores.

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Bla bla Yente Digital

Social media campaigns for the agency with the Yiddishe Mama spirit

Haven't had time to buy a holiday gift yet?
The Yente proudly presents NeFilTe: A digital Gefilte fish.

**out of stock

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You know you're allowed to switch if you're unhappy with your agency, right? Are you sticking with them just because you're too lazy to do market research? Well, lucky for you, the Yente goes to the market twice a week!
Perhaps it's because you signed a retainer with your brother-in-law and don't feel comfortable saying Genug?
Let the Yente handle it: She will send him Gefilte fish as compensation for his distress.
After all, what we're talking about is YOUR business, so come on, bitte, show yourself some clemency... It's the season to switch an agency.

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